Yo ho, a pirate’s life, and so forth, and what have you.

OK, I have been watching “Once Upon a Time” since the beginning, and although I think the writing has been a little weak so far this season, I’ll be sticking with it. I mean, I made it through all of those pointless circles in the jungle in Neverland last year, so what’s a little wooden dialogue between friends? Because once a week, I get to look at this:

HookIntense Sure, I can look at this gif whenever I want, but you catch my meaning.

Ah, Captain Hook, you devilish bastard-with-a-heart-of-gold. Your swagger and your Swan-pining are delicious. You’re single-handedly bringing back chest hair. (See what I did there?)

And you have some difficulties with modern technology.

HookMobile1 HookMobile2HookMobile3HookMobile4(Yeah, sorry to go all Tumblr on you, but c’mon. That’s just cray-cray adorbs.)

When Emma’s father asks about Hook’s intentions towards his daughter, he’s the kind of guy who responds, “That’s old-fashioned even by my standards, and I still pay with doubloons.” What a dude, right?

Gotta love that pirate.

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