Workaday Sith.


Yet another Collette Mabel skirt for Me Made May. I really love this pattern; I’ve made at least 5 variations on it. I call the look on my face “bored Renaissance merchant wife,” but in reality my cheap remote camera shutter thingy only works some of the time and I was frustrated with it. Also: there is no good place in our tiny, dimly lit apartment to take decent photos. Sigh.

None of that makes the skirt any less awesome, though.

I wear a pretty limited palette, by choice. We live in a very small place, with limited storage. More of my separates coordinate with a limited palette, and I need fewer shoes, too. Although I do wear other colors, the vast majority of my clothes are black, red, or grey — a color combination I like to think of as “Workaday Sith.” Most of what I sew stays within this palette, and most of the garments themselves are pretty basic — what sewing bloggers tend to call “cake” (as opposed to fancier “icing”). I would never be an exciting sewing blogger (I don’t sew quickly enough, anyway), but I look pretty put together most of the time, and that’s easier to do with fewer colors in the mix.

It’s not a method that works for everyone, and sometimes I envy people who wear the entire rainbow, but this works for me. And that’s what personal style is all about.

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