Revisiting the lemonade I once made.


Today for Me Made May, I’m wearing the dress I discussed in this post last year. The cat’s out of the bag now, I guess: it started life as the Bettine Dress from Tilly and the Buttons. I used the neckline from a smaller size, shortened the sleeves considerably, used contrast bias trim to finish the neckline and sleeves, and drafted a completely different skirt. If I ever make it again, I will also do an FBA on the bodice, and fix a couple of other minor things. The bodice fits a little weirdly, but no worse than a lot of ready-to-wear, so I don’t really mind. Sometimes good enough is, well, good enough.

It’s very comfortable in hot weather, and every time I wear it I’m reminded that I should sew more with rayon challis, because it feels so weightless and breezy¬†in this awful climate. Lemonade is also good on a hot day, and considering this dress’s origin story, I always think of it as my Lemonade Dress.

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