Seasonally inappropriate.


Today’s Me Made May garment is a Day of the Dead skirt that I generally only wear, well, once a year.

I used to make a new Halloween print skirt every year or two (to wear to work in lieu of a costume), but my Mom gave me this fabric for Christmas one year, and this skirt became my new tradition instead.

It’s a self-drafted elastic waist A-line skirt, and I wish I could find the pattern pieces again because I made it to accommodate my very tilted waist/swayback, and the hem falls perfectly straight hanging from my natural waist. Oh, well! I probably should just draft a new one, anyway, since this one is really a couple of sizes too large — I just took in the elastic. (That’s why it looks more like a full skirt.)

Anyway, I could make a fairly specious argument that I felt like honoring my ancestors today, but the unfortunate truth is that my laundry pile is out of control…and this was both self-made and clean.

Sometimes that’s the real sartorial deciding factor, after all.

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