A really great t-shirt.


I’m wearing a Comino Cap t-shirt today for Me Made May. I love this shirt, and I really love this sewing pattern. (I think the fabric is still available at Girl Charlee, too, as it was a fairly recent purchase.) I also have a Comino Cap dress almost done (no hem yet), which I’ll almost certainly wear before the end of the month.

I procrastinated on making this shirt for a long time. I was off the size chart at the waist and hips, and the armholes looked almost impossibly tiny. A review at the Curvy Sewing Collective convinced me to try it, and I’m really glad I did. I added the amount I needed at the waist and hips, and the armholes are exactly right, even for my generously sized arms. It fits very, very well — neither too tight, nor too loose, great medium length, almost no pooling above the waist in the back. I particularly like its little cap sleeves — just enough, and not an awkward kimono sleeve. It’s simply ideal; I anticipate making a metric buttload of these tees.

I really am feeling very enthusiastic about this shirt — a feeling apparently shared by both a client and a grocery check out clerk who complimented me today. (Good job me!)

This is the first thing I both cut out and sewed this month — I mean both in May. I still have two things I cut out before May began (one a good long while ago, actually), but I intend to finish them before the month is out. I’m not going to worry about it, though. It has been too nice a sewing month to get all high pressure now.

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