Meanwhile, despite crushing depression…

The entire year of 2016 has been a giant dumpster fire. I don’t even feel like elaborating, but to say that I’m gutted by the election would be an understatement.

So, here’s my half-hearted list — which covers two weeks this time, as I was out of town last Friday:

  1. Used $6 in survey money from Pinecone Research to pay for my Seamwork subscription this time.
  2. Used stuff I already had for a Halloween costume. I had actually purchased the scarf specifically for a Rosie the Riveter costume a while back, but changed my mind and wore something else instead that year. Glad I saved it! Our annual Halloween tea party got canceled (because of my toe injury), but I got to wear a costume to work. I admit that I did spend some money decorating doughnuts to look like vampires for my co-workers, but it was a lot less than I normally spend on my party. So, good for savings…bad for morale. Well, good for office morale — but not my personal morale.
  3. Used a coupon code to get $5 off and free shipping on a blanket scarf. This was not a necessary purchase, but I made a new knitted winter hat last year that didn’t match any scarves I already had and this will allow me to wear it more. (I like to match. It’s not a crime.)
  4. Had a free taco at Taco Bell because of…baseball? I think? It was free, so why not?
  5. Got free samples of lotion and toothpaste in the mail. The toothpaste was full travel size, which surprised me — I expected just a little sample.
  6. Got a free 4 pack of deluxe hazelnut fancy-pants Hershey Kisses, which will go into the Giftmas box as an extra present.
  7. Read 8 eBooks from the library. Escapism for the win! It may be all we have left [dissolves into hysterical laughter].

Well, hopefully next week will be less emotionally taxing, but I wouldn’t count on it.

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