A sophomore effort.




I’ve decided to do Me Made May again this year. Here’s my official pledge:

‘I, Sarah L. Crowder of codenamesarah.com (and @codenamesarah at Instagram), sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’17. I endeavour to wear at least one self-made garment every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday for the duration of May 2017.’

Once again, I’ve chosen a Monday / Wednesday / Saturday schedule because I usually only leave the house on those days, and also because I have less self-made clothing than I used to have. I only made a couple of things from last May until now, and have changed sizes (again!), so several older things no longer fit correctly. Several other garments are almost worn out, too — so I am having a bit of a shortage!

I’m going to use the month as an excuse to sew as many things as I can — not in a high-pressure sort of way, but in a “let’s see how much I can get done without stressing” sort of way. I hope to make a couple of knit tops, a knit dress, at least one skirt, and a pair of lightweight summer trousers. That seems ambitious, I know — but it’s barely more than one thing a week — and I plan to start my sewing in April, anyway.

I’m not promising photos, but I’ll try to post some either here or on Instagram. I may repeat garments, too. I want to be productive, but also…relaxed. Here’s to a fun Me Made May!

2 thoughts on “A sophomore effort.

  1. I will never stop being impressed by people who can make clothes by hand. I always thought that with information and effort, anyone can at least sort of do anything. This is not true. I cannot make clothes.

  2. I was an abject failure when I started sewing (no, really — I almost failed that chapter in home ec class!), but even now that I have decent skills I know that’s a strange combination of skills. I probably feel the same way about people who can play piano: I’ve had years of lessons and have practiced and practiced, but I will never be any good at it — despite being a musical person and a talented singer. My brain just can’t make my hands do that, not with any precision or skill.

    So: empathy. I have it.

    P.S. You snuck onto my blog! Hahaha. I always forget I include the link on Ello. I barely ever post here. 🙂

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