Make Nine for 2019.

I’ve chosen a loose list of sewing goals this year, although I think I still fall well within the parameters of the Make Nine challenge. I only specify two sewing patterns by name; the rest are just items I need or particularly want to sew. So this list is purposefully vague and mostly To Be Determined.

  1. Cashmerette Montrose Top
  2. Retrace Washi Dress and alter to current measurements
  3. Something green for my birthday
  4. Black skirt
  5. Something with a square neckline
  6. Simple trousers
  7. Fit and flare dress
  8. Sewn cardigan
  9. Swimsuit cover-up

I think “Simple trousers” is one of only two repeated items from last year, and probably the thing I most need. I don’t know why I have such trouble fitting pants when I sew them! I don’t usually have significant fitting problems with ready-to-wear trousers — just waistband looseness in most cases. It seems like many sewing patterns have crotch curves made for Martians, though. I suspect that a lot of the indie patterns I’ve tried are improperly graded in the larger sizes, frankly. So…Trousers Quest continues into 2019.

I still haven’t tried the Montrose top, but I’ve seen so many cute versions that I have no idea why I’ve procrastinated this long. I made a new novelty print Washi dress for Halloween last year and realized that I needed to retrace the pattern and start over with the fit. I don’t think any of my measurements are the same as when I originally made it, but it’s such a versatile dress that I wouldn’t mind making another one or two versions, possibly with details from the expansion pack (which I’ve had for years but never used).

Everything else on the list represents more of an intention than a specific project, but I wanted to keep it non-specific for maximum flexibility. The perfect pattern could always come along later!

My other repeated item from 2018 is “Something green for my birthday,” which got foiled by a particularly nasty bout of flu last year. I have some pretty amazing fabric ready to go for this, but no pattern picked out yet. I’ll do my best not to procrastinate until the last minute this time around.

I’m terrible about taking the time to get photos (except during Me Made May); I’m not a sewing blogger for a reason. But since sewing one garment a month is part of my 2019 goal list, I’m hoping to share more of my sewing this year — at least on Instagram. I’ll try to keep up with any progress here on the blog, too. But I know myself well enough to say no guarantees!

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