An elegant solution for “wardrobe orphans.”

I don’t know why this particular concept hasn’t caught on, but the “Pick One, Sew Two” plan from Christine Jonson Patterns is pretty clever, especially for dealing with “wardrobe orphans.” It’s not overwhelming, and it’s logical. You take one garment you already have and pick two sewing projects to match it. I mean, that’s it. You could make up something inspiring about capsule wardrobes or minimalism or whatever buzz word you need to get enthused about it, but…it’s pretty straightforward.

I’m very intentional┬áregarding my own wardrobe choices under normal circumstances. If something doesn’t fit, feel comfortable, or coordinate with other items it’s usually passed on without much further thought on my part. But every once in a while I buy something crazy (that I love) or a key piece wears out, and I have something I like to wear that doesn’t go with anything else. I currently have an eShakti skirt and a pair of Old Navy trousers that fit into this category. Both are sort of awkward, but I genuinely like them. The skirt was custom made to slightly larger than my current measurements, so I have a temporary alteration in place on the back waistband that is too messy to wear with a tucked-in shirt. (I didn’t want to permanently alter the skirt, as my waist measurement can vary by several inches, as I’ve previously explained.) I decided that a couple of cropped t-shirts (like the Seamwork Astoria) will work this back into my wardrobe. In the case of the Old Navy trousers, they fit well for (non-custom) RTW, but they have weird fake pocket welts on the back that bump out and kind of ruin the lines of longer tops. This was a major disappointment, as I had ordered these pants to replace a pair of worn out black pants — so the shirts that went with those trousers don’t work with these.

Sometimes it’s hard to be so picky.

Anyway, I just made plans to remedy the situation, as you can see above. (Forgive my hasty, smeared, and beyond-amateur drawings.) I plan to use patterns and fabric I already have, too. Better yet, all but one of these planned garments will coordinate with other pieces I already have, thereby better tying my entire wardrobe together. Win-win.

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