August, or they say failure is how we learn.

It will be easier to say what I actually accomplished in August than to list my lengthy failures. I sent my newsletter once, went to see “Design for Living” at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston with Lennox, finally got management to fix the floor in our apartment, and got my fabric stockpile down to 114 yards — though that involved cutting out a few things that I haven’t yet sewn. And that was it. I spent way too much money, didn’t track anything (except my reading, which is a long-standing habit), and made virtually no progress on any other front.

I’m hoping to be back on track in September. I’ve declared a personal Austerity Month where I’m not only temporarily lowering my spending, but also planning to sell a few things, as I want to build my personal savings back up. I wanted to take voice lessons again this fall, but I’d let the balance drop so low that I couldn’t justify the expense. I’m also hoping to sew a couple of the things I already have cut out, but other than that I just want to do better this month. It shouldn’t take much effort to pull that off!

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