October (a little late).

October was a mixed bag. I managed to do a lot of things I meant to do, but I also got utterly sidetracked dealing with “drama-behind-the-drama” on this year’s holiday show. I haven’t been involved in anything this stressful in ages. If we’re not mincing words here, it has been dreadful. I thought I was overwhelmed in September, but October was worse. I let several things slide as a result.

Goals for 2019 – October Progress

Send one real letter a month.
I sent out about 20 Halloween cards, complete with a “holiday newsletter” style note. I think that counts as a success!

Sew at least one garment a month.
I didn’t even get anything cut out in October, let alone sewn.

Send newsletter at least once a month.
I sent out an abbreviated version, but it still counts.

Make one apartment improvement a month.
Nothing in October.

Go on one outing with Lennox a month.
We were both too busy — we barely even ran errands together last month.

Read one physical book I already own a month.
Nope. I did read several Kindle titles purchased in previous months, though, so that’s a sort of progress.

Track spending on books, clothing, and sewing.
I spent $68.75 on sewing, $114.33 on clothing, and $18.33 on books (holy cow, a book record). Not bad at all! I had hoped to buy only a custom cardigan from eShakti in October — and that was the bulk of my clothing spending — but my favorite shoes completely broke mid-month and I got a replacement pair from eBay.

Track daily writing habit.
I wrote some but didn’t track it. I’m currently failing pretty spectacularly at Nanowrimo, so I bet I won’t have much more to report on this next month, either.

Post weekly IG photo.
I posted two photos in October, but they were both on Halloween.

Run robot sweeper, vacuum bedroom, tidy, and clean bathroom weekly.
I cleaned one week, and the cleaner came on another. I’m okay with that for right now. The apartment is clean enough, and I need to rest more than I need it to be spotless.

Longer-Term Goals

Reduce fabric stockpile to less than 100 yards (plus scraps) by the end of 2019.
I’m currently at 126 yards; I bought some stretch twill for another pair of trousers. I’m calling it: This one is definitely not going to happen.

Find a way to keep performing.
In the grand tradition of “be careful what you wish for,” I’m currently in the middle of rehearsals and am spending a lot of time questioning my choices. I enjoy directing and teaching the kids, but it has taken my stress level through the roof. We lost half of our children’s chorus in mid-October (due to attendance issues, not any action of mine, thank goodness). This left me scrambling to find replacements — and then scurrying to catch them up when I finally did. All of that has given me far less time to focus on my own performance, and that furthers my anxiety. Performing with this group last year was a really positive experience — which is why I auditioned again — but it has been fraught with difficulty this time around.

Combine websites, transfer blog, forward other domains, purchase an SSL certificate.
All of this in on hold until 2020; I don’t have time right now to deal with any of it.

My October Frugal List

My spending wasn’t terrible last month, and I caught up two clients and billed them — though neither has paid yet. Always pay your freelancers, people!

In October, I:

  • Downloaded a free Amazon First Reads title and three Audible Originals (there was a bonus title this time).
  • Downloaded a free stock photo from Can Stock Photos and three free graphics sets from Creative Market.
  • Sold a top and a skirt on eBay. It wasn’t huge money, but it was better than nothing — and more than I would get at a garage sale.
  • Took advantage of an offer for a reduced-price streaming rental to watch “Annabelle Comes Home” for $1.61. The spooky season is my favorite season, after all!
  • Got a free box of tea with a planned tea purchase. I was hoping to hold out for a free shipping offer, but I’ll be happy to drink some free tea instead.
  • Lennox got a free Dominos pizza from points accumulated from ordering online.
  • Used $4.65 in eBay bucks towards a replacement for my favorite shoes. The soles cracked all the way through! I paid $32 for $120 shoes (including shipping) that look as though they were never worn. I get almost all of my good shoes from eBay — and very rarely pay more than $40 for brands like Dansko, Keen, and Clarks. (I have terrible feet — can you tell from that list?)
  • Received a $15 credit from Instacart for a terrible delivery experience. I don’t complain unless something is completely beyond the pale in these situations, as their delivery people are almost certainly underpaid, but it was a situation that needed to be addressed if it wasn’t to be repeated.
  • Read nine ebooks and four physical books from the library, as well as two free Kindle titles, and an Amazon First Reads title.

Not too shabby! November already seems calmer than last month, so let’s hope that lasts.

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